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Kevin Nalty is the only career marketer who doubles as one of YouTube’s most-viewed entertainers. He is the author of “
Beyond Viral: How to Attract Customers, Promote Your Brand, and Make Money With Online Video" (Wiley Publishing).

Nalty is a marketing leader with both inline marketing and agency experience. He is a sought-after speaker, and has built emerging-media strategy and driven execution for top Fortune 100 brands. He is a recognized expert at helping increase sales via such innovative channels as social media, online video and digital advertising.

Nalty partners with top brands to:

  • Develop online-video programs to support brand strategy
  • Identify emerging-media opportunities and optimize existing programs
  • Generate programs that engage audiences and promote brands
  • Measure impact (awareness, engagement, direct response, sales)
Clients include leading brands in such categories as entertainment, technology, healthcare, consumer-packaged good and travel.